Write for…love or money?

May 21, 2010 at 4:44 pm (Musings of a Writer)

Though it is not a stable industry to be in, people have become enraptured with the idea of writing. Unsolicited manuscripts are popping up all over the place. You hear of bidding wars between publishing companies and million dollar contracts. So are people writing for the money, just trying to get a piece of the action and maybe five minutes of fame? or are people writing because they can’t imagine their life without it?

Do you write because your fingers feel bereft without writing? does your mind go into fits if you go without writing for too long? Does a day without writing feel like a day without air, a day where something so vital was missing that it threw everything off kilter?

Well I don’t know how y’all feel? but that’s how I feel. I have noticed that you must have passion to keep going in this industry, the writing industry. And not just any passion…you need to feel the pull so strong that no matter the consequences, you would give everything to tell your story. That uniquely YOU story that exists in your very core and begs to be released out into the world.

SO no matter the area of life I am in… the pain I am feeling… the fear I am experiencing… I will always do the inevitable course of action…

Write On!


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