Beat Writer’s Block

May 22, 2010 at 3:03 pm (Lessons)

Okay, show of hands…who has never suffered from writer’s block? Yep, that is as I suspected. I see no hands. SO, how do you cure the horrible disease?

Exercise your mind. Plain and simple. You see, writer’s block happens when your mind is over-worked, tired and plain worn out. By exercising your mind you get the mojo flowing and your muse wakes up from her sleep to get you in the flow.

So I have carefull crafted some writing exercises, designed to kick-start your mind with a creative espresso shot. Similar to writing prompts, these exercises give you a start, a beginning sentence, a once upon a time moment.

Take a gander at them and try one on for size.

There are more where these came from, but here are 5 to start with. Let me know I they work for you, because they certainly help me.


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