Let the Muse Inspire You

June 16, 2010 at 10:54 am (Musings of a Writer)

Ok, so I have these moments, sometimes I just can’t write, almost as if I am too bored to write, but I am never tired of writing, I love it. Other times I am immediately inspired whether I want to be or not.

I noticed this week, something that helps inspire the muse to inspire me. Kind of a revelation really, one I am sure everyone else probably already knows…

When I can’t write, when words refuse to flow, when I am too buggered to write…my focus is internal. I am overwhelmed with my family or my life, I am worrying about things, not paying attention to things around me, I am secluded in a darkness that dwells within me, ready to swallow me every now and then. I am consumed with worry, stress etc, etc.

But when I am looking to the external, looking to the outward things, focusing on the things around me and not within me, I can’t help but write. Yesterday, a storm was brewing in our area, tornado making winds were rushing at us from the west, weather men were advising that thunderstorms with gale force winds would hit our area within an hour or two and people should take cover as soon as the sky changed.

Sky change? What? So, I looked outside and noticed the sky was perfect, clear crystal blue peeked from around white puffy clouds that reminded me of cotton. And they were forecasting a storm that could cause devastating damage? What? And then, I simply had to write about. I sat and wrote about the perfectness of the sky and the warmth in the air, I wrote of children playing and people laughing…all unaware that a storm was on the horizon, brewing and growing and would soon be upon them. Then I wrote about the storm too, its strength and ferocity and somehow I ended up with a goddess in the middle of the storm, angered at the townsfolk, their fates hanging in the balance of whether or not she would save them from impending disaster…and so the story went. I had no idea I was going to write that story, I didn’t have a single thought about it. It just flowed. Then this morning, I was driving home from dropping off my brother and the crisp morning air was breathing a new light into me. I was not frustrated at having to drive my bro somewhere, as I can sometimes be, I was focused on my surroundings and not on me. I was paying attention to the swaying grass, the whisper in the trees, the sunrise, the flowers blooming…and I was inspired. As soon as I got home, I was writing. I was describing what I had seen and before I could say “Muse” I was writing a story, about a magical celtic tree and a girl who woke beneath it, about flowers so bright they could only be called majestic, and without realizing, I had written another part of the story I had written last night, the story of the storm, and not it was the story of the storm and the tree. I hadn’t thought about it, hadn’t worried over it. It just happened. I was writing without thought, just flowing.

So, the more I focus on myself, the cares of the world and the worries of my family, I am internally focused and have nothing left to give to my writing. But when I am externally focused, relishing the greatness around me, watching people going by, noticing how they act, how flowers act, how trees whisper to one another, the different colors of the world as the sun rises and sets…I am inspired. I can’t help but write.

I think we all have that problem to an extent. Writers need to pay attention to what is going on around them, not what’s going on with them. How can we write about something in detail, when we haven’t noticed the details? Have you ever noticed that good writers include miniscule details about things that we have never noticed before?

Pay attention and you may see something you have never seen before. Look around you, use your senses, hear what is there to hear, and let it flow through you until you are left only one option…to write!



  1. Leigh D'Ansey said,

    This is very good advice and so true. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with our day-to-day responsibilities and it becomes a struggle to find the mental energy we need to be creative. Thanks for reminding me to look outside myself.

  2. Leigh D'Ansey said,

    Hi Jessica – hop on over to my blog http://www.leighdanseyromanceauthor.blogspot.com to collect your Versatile Blogger Award!

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