October 28, 2010 at 11:30 am (Musings of a Writer)

National Novel Writing Month – Need I say more. I know lots of people do it, and for the first time ever, I am giving it a go. AAARRRRGGGHHHH.  Sorry had to get that out of my system.

Well, I am sure I am going to be one of those people that facebook made those bumper stickers for –

“Don’t talk to me unless you have coffee – NanNoWriMo Participant”

But oh well, I am sure I will have fun. If you have some stories to share about NaNoWriMo than feel free. I also wanted to mention something else I am participating in that ties in with NaNoWriMo – it’s called Create for Life.

Create for Life is the idea and dream of Lady Roisin; a writer, artist, and costume designer who also happened to have cancer. Roisin wanted to provide a means for the creative community to promote cancer awareness and raise money for a cure. Although she didn’t live to see her dream come fully to life, her husband Eli and her friend Dawn are going ahead with the event in her memory, in memory of all other loved ones lost to cancer, and in hope that we will one day see an end to the shadow this disease casts on our lives.

During the weekend of November 12 through 14, participating artists, writers, musicians, and craftspeople will practice the crafts they love in support of a cancer awareness and research. Having been inspired by Relay for Life, Create for Life works in a similar way. Participants seek sponsors for their projects, who agree to donate to the American Cancer Society.

My Mom has battled cancer for 10 years, my Uncle John died of lung cancer and my Grandmother; Peggy died of cancer on New Years Day 2009. I am writing for her on this specified weekend. If you want to donate a monetary amount of your choosing for each new chapter I write on that weekend, that would be incredible.

Athletes can run for a cure and now writers are coming together to write for a cure.

To pledge an amount, just send me a message with how much you are willing to commit per chapter and at the end of the weekend, I will send you a message detailing how much I wrote and how to give your donation to the American Cancer Society.

Writing is something I love, but my family is something I love more. I truly write for them.
So wish me Luck 😉



  1. Leigh D'Ansey said,

    Good luck!

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