Veterans Day

November 11, 2010 at 12:20 pm (Holidays and Special Events Posts)

Love today goes out to the Veterans of the United States of America also to those of Australia on this their Remembrance Day. Being Australian-American I have to show love to both sides, proudly might I add. Today is Veterans Day and I for one am proud to be the daughter of a Marine Corp Veteran. Semper Fi rings true to those jarheads more than anyone knows and the old adage “once a marine, always a marine” too. I will not go into detail on all I feel for the brave men and women who fight for their country, their families and their freedom. It is a soft spot with me, as I think Veterans today don’t get half the respect they deserve. I love these Veterans; those who fought in wars, and those who prepared too if they were called. My heart weeps for their sacrifice today and remembers their loyalty and faithfulness to God and Country.

A Nation’s Strength
Walt Whitman

Not gold, but only man can make
     A people great and strong;
Men who, for truth and honor’s sake,
     Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,
     Who dare while others fly —
They build a nation’s pillars deep
     And lift them to the sky.

The Still Fighting Veteran
Jessica Hastings

Even when our shores are not wrought with war,
men and women take up arms to be ready for one.
In between these wars we remember well,
Vietnam and Korea and World War 1,
there are still men and women who answer the call
to prepare for what may some day come.

Mothers weep for sons and daughters,
Children dressed in green, blue and white,
Walking away from their empty arms,
Tall, proud, brave, a soldier
Evident by their high and tight.

They rise up amidst their battle call,
Running to defend and protect
Their country, their family, their freedom,
All of them ready to give their all.
Some returned, some remained,
Other still fight to this day.

Those who are home, what have they left?
Pride upon their backs, pain in their hearts,
Burdens weighing wearily upon them
Nightmares and dreams that torment and remember
Hidden to civilians who don’t know the cost
Or what they have forsaken

“You were not there, you do not know”
Ready to jump from their lips,
As they stand and listen to the sign holders
And nay sayers who glare and curse
So unwilling to in a soldiers shoes take a trip

So returning again to a mother’s arms,
She looks at a son different some how,
Down her cheek slides a tear he brushes aside
“Do not weep for me, I am not here,
My heart still fights by my brother’s side”

Semper Fi.


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  1. Marcelle said,

    Good evening, Happy Veteran’s Day!!

    My family and i just simply need to wish America’s 25 million veterans a happy Veteran’s Day. And lets me quote Veteran’s Day quote that I really like:

    “Freedom is never free .. ** Author Unknown”.. .

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