A bit about Me

Well…I am a book-a-holic. Books are my most favorite thing on Earth! I collect them, I read them, I write them, I am utterly fascinated by them! The way pages sound as they turn, the distinct smell of an old book being opened after years on the shelf. The words, coming together to create new worlds or explain existing ones. The fact that books will live on long after we are gone. The idea that my hand can put pen to paper and create a story, a thought process that will be here when I no longer am…It is beautiful! I can usually be found with my nose, no…make that my whole face…stuck in a book.

I am the Romance Fiction Feature Writer for Suite101.com and I absolutely love it. I get paid to read and write, I mean..c’mon that is my dream job! Romance fiction is my favorite genre but I would never turn a book away. I also write for Examiner.com as the Louisville Writing Careers Examiner. And I have a few other freelance journalist jobs going too. So, yes I am happy doing what I do.

God and family are also very important to me. They keep me grounded when I am at risk of flying away to another world amidst the pages of a book. No, actually they are more like… who I come back to when my feet hit the ground again. 🙂 Flowers too, I love flowers, especially roses. I know that is a very girly-girl thing to say, but I am a tom-boy too. I can go out shooting with my dad and hit a target like the best of ’em. 🙂

I am on Twitter, so come follow me if you are not already. And I love interacting with people so jot me a message anytime and let me know if I can help you in anyway…

Write on!


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