Blogs I Recommend Reading

OK, so there are tons of bloggers out there and they blog about …well…darn near everything. So, I have made a little list of some of my favorite blogs, ranging all over the blog spectrum.

Delicacies ~ This blog is incredibly funny. Every entry has a little unique wit with some actual advice and information. Definitely worth the read.

Cancer and Me; A Daughter’s Journey ~ This Blog is also written by me. It is a walk through of my life experiences ever since my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. After 10 very long years she is still fighting.

Janet Reid Literary Agency

Waxman Literary Agency

Pocket Full of Words ~ I recommend signing up for Holly lisle’s newsletter too, especially for all you fiction writer’s out there.

Cafe Book Club

Dawn Treader ~ A good friend of mine started this blog and I love it. Did I mention she is an English professor?

Leigh Dansey – Romance Author

Reading and Writing ~ Simply stated, this blog by Rosemary Gemmell is about everything to do with reading, writing and is great for those in the freelance industry.

Inspired Pen ~ This one by Tel Asiado is great for writers. Lots of guest bloggers make appearences and everything is geared toward inspiration for writers.

WebLiterate ~ Fellow Suite101 writer Amber Hunter just started this blog with great tips on publishing, writing and things every writer should know.

Happy Reading!


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