Time to Spread my Wings and Fly

November 17, 2010 at 12:31 am (Uncategorized)

Moving is always tough. The packing and unpacking and yada yada yada. Anyway, I have decided I needed to grow a little, to spread my wings and fly if you will.

So, I have moved. I will no longer be writing here on wordpress. Technically I will still have a wordpress blog, but I will be over at my own site. I will still be writing about the same things, still giving reviews, still having fun… so please follow me on over to the new place.

Laugh Love Write

Just click that link and come check me out. If you are from the old place let me know what you think of the new site. I am always up for constructive criticism.

So without further delay, I bid you adieu for now.


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Writing and having no Life

July 28, 2010 at 10:17 am (Uncategorized)

“Writing is a solitary occupation. Family, friends, and society are the natural enemies of the writer. He must be alone, uninterrupted, and slightly savage if he is to sustain and complete an undertaking.”
 Jessamyn West

E. B. White (The Elements of Style – By Strunk and White)

I firmly believe that writing is a solitary existence. One reason being; that many people don’t understand your need to write. I have no choice but to write at home and try to find quiet locked away in a room…when I write, I get interrupted so many times that I made a sign and put it on the door of my writing room

“Do not enter! Writing in Progress!”

Did that change anything? NO! I still get interrupted many times thought a day. People don’t even knock anymore. I always explain that I need some privacy and do you know what my family tells me: “You’re only writing.”

Exactly my point. I am writing!!! But, they say it in the context of writing being something unimportant and unworthy of my time, certainly not worth their patience anyway. But to me? To me, my writing is everything. To me, writing is my escape, my passion, my love. Being a Christian, God does come first, but writing is definitely up there.

Writing is a solitary occupation. A writer needs utter quiet, stillness, so that maybe, just maybe the voices in his/her head will begin speaking and the muse will direct his/her pen. Interrupting a writer’s thought process is like derailing a train. Even if the writer can get the train back on its tracks, it will never be the same again, never whole, never what it was.

Anne Lamott, in her book Bird by Bird, mentions that she grew up in a home of writers and all her family friends were writers. They relied on each other and most of her family friends were single, living alone and now alcoholics. Marriages can fall apart if one person is a writer. The significant other can’t handle their partner being alone all the time, apart from them, they don’t understand. Marriages with writers may work better if both members are writers. This way both can get their alone time and understand one another completely.

Society, family and friends don’t understand a writer’s need to be alone and uninterrupted. I have noticed that my family thinks I am anti-social. I am not, but I do need my alone time. I spend more time alone with my pen and paper, laptop and a book than I do with anything else. And, I am ecstatic to be that way, but society declares that I am a loner, family gets upset and friends feel shunned.

The quote of the day for today was from Charlotte Bronte and read:

“I’m just going to write because I cannot help it.”

I do not go out of my way to be alone, but I can not write otherwise and I write because I can not help but write. Jessamyn West in the above quote was writing in saying a writer should be savage, a writer can be no other way.

Make no mistake: It is not that I have no life, it is that writing is my life.

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Casual Friday

June 11, 2010 at 4:53 pm (Uncategorized)

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Freelance Writing Websites

June 6, 2010 at 5:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Freelance journalists have a very hard job in a very hard industry. Freelancers are always in competition to get their work published. SO let’s see how I can help. Here is a list, an inconclusive one no doubt, of various websites offering writer positions:

Examiner.com – Writing for Examiner means local based articles. If your the New York Nightlife Examiner, then you will be wanting to right about the New York Nightlife. There are tons of categories to choose from. Pay is based on page views as well as their local incentive program. If you fulfill their article requirements, you receive $1 an article, up to 5 a week, on top of your pay per page view revenue.

Suite101 – Suite101 is by far the most professional web writing site I have ever seen. Their writer community is excellent for networking and improving your skills. As a contributing writer for S101, you can write about anything you like, as a feature writer, you must write at least 1 article in your category each week, though you can still write about other categories too. Feature Writer receive a 10% increase on their pay, as do contributing writers who have written over 50 articles. Pay is based on Ad sense revenue. Some writers have made hundreds to thousands of dollars a month at S101, though it is a long term based pay. Another great thing about S101 is that you will continue to receive payment on your articles, even after you stop writing for s101. I highly recommend this site.

Demand Studios – This site is affiliated with Livestrong Golflink and eHow, they hire writers mainly with college degrees or a lot of experience in the field. They specialize in health articles and How-to’s and pay approximately $5 – $50 an article (if your lucky enough to catch those articles) and asks for a lot of rewrites. This site pays more than most, but you have to be willing to deal with their frequent rewrites and editors who mark on different things.

Break Studios – Break Studios usually pays $8 an article. Their content is more celebrity based, with articles directed at music, movies, celebrity gossip etc.

Associated Content – AC has an assignment desk of articles requested and up for grabs, these articles usually pay $2-$15 plus residual income. After you have established yourself in a specific category you can apply for a Feature Contributor and receive 2 articles a month worth $10 automatically. FC’s also receive first dibs on articles that can be as high as $18. When there aren’t many topics available, you can also write your own and have it reviewed for upfront payment.

Helium – This is another site that pays residual income based on page views and article rank. This is a site where writers can submit articles to a market place where they can be bought by magazines and the like. Keep in mind, that it can take a while for your articles to be bought.

Bright Hub – This site can be a little confusing initially. Articles can be written in editor managed channels or community managed channels, once you choose that, you then need to apply for a channel in your area of expertise. Pay is page view based and the writing is not as good as it be. Good idea to use a pen name on this site.

Text brokers – Pays pennies per word, but the higher your level of writing, the greater your pay.

Experts123 – This site has stricter editors than most, though staying to their guidelines will make for less rewrites.

Info Barrel – This site is fairly new with a rather old school feel. Pay is 75% of Ad sense and grammar and article structure is very laid back. Being at is so new and on the ground floor, so to speak, there isn’t a whole lot to say about it just yet.

eCopywriters – Pays 2 cents a word for Level 2 writers and requires 3-4 short articles a week before you can be upgraded.

Seed – Seed allows writers to choose topics the site suggests and upfront earnings are based on the writer’s expertise. This site is competitive but profitable.

Bukisa – With Bukisa you can earn residuals on other writers you have recommended and you can also use previously published work from other sites. Pay is not that great but over time could build up to something.

Hub Pages – This site allows you to create your own pages, refurbish previous-published articles and earn money on your work. You earn money through ad sense and share the revenue with Hub Pages.

Constant Content – This site has three types of income, a one-time article price, a usage fee, and a unique price. Articles range from $15 to $100.

Wise Geek – This site requires articles to be in an academic style and pay $10-$15 an article.

There are soooooooo many more sites article but these are some of the best and worst. Each one is good for people in certain stages of their life. Some site will work for some people an not for others. Always do your research, READ the contracts (if only to find out who will own the articles once their published) and keep a copy of the contracts, terms and conditions, privacy policies etc. Some websites, especially new ones, may change their contract so it is good to have a copy of the one you sign for legal purposes.

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