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Here is my writing resume:

Jessica Hastings

Styles of Writing: Blogs, Feature Articles, Editorial Pieces, Business/Author Profiles, Interview Pieces, Editing, Proofreading, Ghostwriting, Advertisement Writing, Promotional Pieces and Book Reviews.


2010 – Current                 
Romance Fiction Feature Writer

  •  Contracted to deliver ongoing new content on the topic of romance fiction
  • Maintain updated content on topic page
  • Set example to other contributing writers
  • Keep topic resources and contacts up to date
  • Regularly contribute to topic blog
  • Deal quickly and efficiently with reader feedback
  • Adhere to specified guidelines and produce high SEO articles in a high-stress environment
  • Interview authors, actors, celebrities etc and provide it to the public

2009 – Current                      

Louisville Writing Careers Examiner

  • Contracted to deliver ongoing new content on the topic of writing
  • Maintain contacts
  • Keep up to date on the writing industry
  • Teach readers how to accomplish their writing goals
  • Administer weekly writing exercises teaching readers key points in writing
  • Effectively produce high SEO articles by specified deadlines

2008 – Current

  • Successfully research for products and events and produce content accordingly
  • Perfectly and prudently edit fiction/non-fiction manuscripts, school papers and online content
  • Brainstorm with writers on how to improve their books – Working with them and not against them
  • Critique books in an honest fashion – Dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Provide new writers with mentorship, editing, and reviewing
  • Resume builder for all job positions


2005 – Certificate of Completion
                Years 9-12, Grace Academy (Internet Based)
2006 – Achievement Excellence and College Credit
               Journalism and the Written Word


2002 – Professional Etiquette and Public Speaking
                  Barbizon Agency
2007 – Fictional Writing Course
                  Writers School of Connecticut
2007 – Principles in Good Writing Course
                  Writers School of Connecticut


  • 2003 – International Library of Poetry semi-finalist in International open poetry contest
  • 2003 – Poem “Mommy” published in anthology “Eternal Portraits”
  • 2003 – American Poets Society semi-finalist in Society contest
  • 2003 – Poem “Daddy” published in anthology “Whispers”
  • 2004 – International Poets Society nominee for poet of the year
  • 2008 – R.O.S.E award nominee
  • 2010 – Numerous Editors Choice Awards
  • 2010 – Versatile Blogger Award
  • 2010 – Short Story The Wildhunt on All Hallows Eve published by Associated Content 

Work History outside of writing: EMT paramedic explorer, missionary – professional speaker, public relations rep, etiquette teacher and recruiter for Barbizon Acting and Modeling Agency –  CSR in a call center, waitress, administration assistant, manager for an extreme sports company, teaching assistant, sales representative, and caregiver for the sick and elderly.

Some recommendations for my work…

“I have been Jessica’s senior editor at since she started writing for our site. She was quickly promoted from contributing writer to senior writer, and besides her interesting and well written reviews and interviews, Jessica blogs on a regular basis, successfully drawing in readers from all over the virtual world. Jessica’s ability to both meet and exceed deadlines, along with her writing talent means she will continue to have a successful career as a word-smith. I am lucky to have her on our team!”

Julie Burtinshaw – Editor at Suite101

“Jessica’s writing is always professional, accurate, exciting and topical. She has drawn a large audience base in which people rely on her for informative advice and stories, which she is never short of delivering. Her professionalism in the writing field will only lead to much success in the future!”    

  Jessica Watkins – NY Cardio Fitness Examiner

 Front of my Business Cards

Back of my Business Cards

If you want to contact me: Email is your best option. However, I have a twitter account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn account, and of course my websites all have options to message me.


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